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Adopted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications as leading education system
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To create an environment where teachers can teach with ease and students can learn with joy.

schoolTakt is a LMS (Learning management system) that can be used on iPads, tablets, PCs, and any other smart devices.
By using preexisting templates and teaching materials as well as uploading original materials as pdf or image files, teachers can view student’s learning patterns in real time, and students can share their answers to easily create a “collaborative learning” space.Teachers can still continue their own teaching style while incorporating ICT and tablets in their classrooms assisted by visual support or practice sessions.

schoolTakt works on any web browser, and students can use any device on any platform.

By enabling collaborative and active learning only with a web browser, schoolTakt helps to create an environment where teachers can teach easier and students can learn with joy.

Four merits to using schoolTakt

Easily incorporate tablets in teaching

1st MeritEasily incorporate tablets in teaching

Teachers can create and distribute educational materials with ease by using intuitive tools and management. You can also easily create a “moving” textbook or worksheet that’s not just paper. Teachers can upload their own teaching materials or take a quick snapshot of a worksheet and distribute them to their students in no time. schoolTakt can quickly analyze and graph results of surveys or multiple choice answers to improve effectiveness and efficiency in classroom teaching. Over 5,000 pre-existing templates for various subjects, we frequently update our template database for teachers, so they can use them at any time to create their own.
Since schoolTakt only runs on a web browser, students can finish their homework on their PC at home, while teachers can observe and analyze each students’ learning and studying patterns.

Low maintenance and Utility cost
Runs on multiple OS and devices (BYOD)

2nd MeritLow maintenance and Utility cost
Runs on multiple OS and devices (BYOD)

Since you only need the Internet and a web browser, theres no need for installations or other procedures. The platform operates on the cloud, there’s no need to provide servers or worry about further maintenance. This greatly reduces the maintenance cost. Furthermore, the file sharing feature eliminates the need for a file server.
Unlike other teaching aid systems that just shares images and files, schoolTakt uses coordinate based data that does not require additional network cables and lines, even within the same classroom.

Group Lessons, Collaborative Learning, Flipped Learning Fits any style

3rd MeritGroup Lessons, Collaborative Learning, Flipped Learning Fits any style

It’s easy for students to sit back and listen in a group lesson setting. But by visually displaying all the students’ answers on a projector screen, students feel as if they are suddenly participating in a televised jeopardy. From passive listening, all students are required to actively participate in class. In collaborative learning and active learning, students are required to respond to other students’ answers and share opinions about their answers. By encouraging students to evaluate and comment on each others’ answers, students are given more time to think about the topic, rather than just stating an answer.
Moreover, schoolTakt is suitable for reverse learning and remote learning as well. SchoolTakt can be used in ordinary classroom settings to homeschooling, research-based teaching to many more types of educational settings.

Various ways to increase focus and attention

4th MeritVarious ways to increase focus and attention

By utilizing schoolTakt, teachers can immediately grasp and analyze students’ learning patterns. 1) Teachers can easily pinpoint students who are struggling with a certain area. 2) Group students according to their answers to encourage discussion in class. 3) Easily find students who don’t speak up. There are many more features to increase focus and attention in class by using schoolTakt.
By sharing students’ learning-pattern logs among teachers, schoolTakt can help revise teaching methods and highlight areas where students are most struggling.

What schoolTakt can do

What schoolTakt can do


Introduction of the Features of schoolTakt.



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Masaki Goto

Masaki Goto

Masaki Goto graduated from the University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, as well as Conducting Research Institute of the Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. He was formerly an instructor in physics at a well known preparatory school for university entrance examinations. He was also a math teacher at a high school, and has moved on to being a consultant in the educational business, and serving as a CTO. Currently he is the head and founder of CodeTakt Co. Ltd, and a project manager for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and the CTO of ZUU Co. Ltd.
In 2011, he was qualified as IPA’s Super Creator (Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan) under Takeshi Natsuno, professor by courtesy at Keio University. Japan's 8th e-Learning Award Award winner. A committee member of the Japan Digital Textbook Society.
Besides his passion for education and IT, he has been active in conducting. Since September 2012, he is the chief conductor for the Ryukyu Philharmonic Chamber orchestra and for the Naha Junior Orchestra since August 2013. In September 2013, he conducted the State Hermitage Museum Orchestra (Russia / St. Petersburg). In March 2014, he served as the general director and musical conductor for the Japan's largest game music festival of "Okinawa game takt".

13th Japan e-Learning Award : EdTech Special Division Award
13th Japan e-Learning Award : EdTech Special Division Award

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications certified Schooltakt as leading educational system demonstration project
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
certified Schooltakt as leading educational system demonstration project

Mr. Takeshi Natsuno - Professor of Keio University, by courtesy
Although there currently is a national growing interest toward e-learning and other tablet-related learning, there are only a few solutions that are truly concrete and convincing. schoolTakt is created solely by Goto Masaki, an educator himself, who, with his firm educational beliefs and experience, seek to shape and actualize the future of education. I believe this educational system is very comprehensive yet carries enormous societal meaning.

Mr. Hirai Soichiro - Former Member of Koga City Board of Education
Over the past year, there has been a growing variety of teaching support systems that has been released. Schooltakt prides itself on having a very unique system and a set of features.
This is a result of bringing in the perspective of class analysis to the class support system.
Many lecture support systems could be labeled as learning support systems. These systems are often equipped with the support for learners to express, put together, deliver, and compare ideas. Schooltakt is indeed equipped with those mentioned tools including the ability to observe learning in real time, communicate with other students, and enhance learning activities. But the one feature that stands out among other systems is the tool for teachers to analyze learning patterns and teaching in class.
In educational research, there are many diverse ways to analyze learning in class. But because they require equipment, cost, and effort, it is quite difficult to analyze class on a daily basis.
I believe that schooltakt has value in the ability to record data and log on students' learning patterns beyond their notes through the clicker feature and the participation map feature. Teachers can record each student's learning patterns in class and changes in their understanding without the need for special equipment and effort. This allows teachers to easily see if their intended goals for their students are actually achieved in class and in their students' minds.
This is a feedback information for teachers, and so we believe this will lead to future class improvement.
From young teacher who just started developing their own teaching plans to veteran teachers, schooltakt enables them to look back on their classes and make an even better lessons for their students.

Mr. Takehiko Asuke - Nagano Prefecture Municipal Eastern junior high school teacher
In my classroom, I would like to know what each of the students first thought about to the questions that I have raised. This helps me give effective guidance to each student. In order to do so, I attempt to assemble a lesson plan to gather students' learning patterns and opinions by recording on each student's learning card. However, this requires excessive time to plan and carry this out.
The distinct feature of schooltakt is the ability to carry out this task in an instant and watch students write their answers "live." On learning cards or paper, teachers cannot see what students have written before or what they have erased. But on schooltakt, you can view the whole process. You can easily follow a student's thought process by opening his/her answer sheet on schooltakt.
In addition, teachers can teach as if all students are in one classroom even in remote learning--where students are learning from different locations. This implies teachers can observe students, who are far away or in another country, in real time. Students who are in hospitals can still attend school with their friends.
The following is a remark I received from one of my students after using schooltakt in class. "It was really helpful for me to see my friends' answers/opinions all at once. By reading each answer I was able to deepen my understanding of this topic. I felt that each answer is valuable to understanding. I was very satisfied with using schooltakt in class. It was fun."
Schooltakt believes in an educational system where learning and thinking together will bring joy.