schoolTakt is a LMS (Learning management system) that can be used on iPads, tablets, PCs, and any other smart devices.
By using preexisting templates and teaching materials as well as uploading original materials as pdf or image files, teachers can view student’s learning patterns in real time, and students can share their answers among themselves to easily create a “collaborative learning” space.
Teachers can still continue their own teaching style while incorporating ICT and tablets in their classrooms assisted by visual support or practice sessions. Since you only need a web browser to use this platform, there is no need for installations, particular devices. You only need your own smart device that has a web browser, whether it’s a Mac, PC, Tablet, or a smartphone. It doesn’t require students to have the same type of device or OS to use it in classrooms.

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Note feature

Note featureThis feature allows students to take notes using many different methods. Freely start an entry by using your finger or a stylus. You can also move and rotate shapes, write texts, take photos and write comments on them.

Upload + edit pdf and image files

Upload + edit pdf and image filesTake a picture of your teaching materials on paper and incorporate them into this platform. You can size up or down, rotate, and edit your pictures once you have taken them on your smart devices.

Learning/Teaching Templates

function_ph04We have already over 5,000 existing templates that you can choose from. You can also forward your favorite drills and printed templates to other teachers. Since this platform records and shares logs of learning patterns, it’s easy to pinpoint and analyze places where students are struggling.

Real time view of all answers

function_ph05By literally viewing all students’ answers as they are being written, teachers can give direct advice and correct their answers. Because students know that their teachers are observing how and what they answer on their page, students will naturally be inclined to put their best efforts.


function_ph06Students can either click “I Understand” or “I’m not sure” button. This enables teachers to easily discover each student’s learning patterns as well as the entire class. Teachers can also identify at which point in class or lecture students found difficult to comprehend.

Collaborative Learning Feature

Collaborative Learning FeatureYou can use the feature to allow students to not only view their own input and answers, but also view other students’ answers and even edit them. By having students write their opinions and answers on just one note, students can form groups to start joint research projects or put together and present summaries of opinions.

Comment and “Like”

Comment and “Like”Students can view, comment, and click on the “like” for other students’ answers. By sharing and observing each other’s answers, students can further their comprehension levels.

Web Image Search

Web Image SearchWe have our original image web search where you can download free copyrighted images. Teachers can easily download animal pictures and any other images or illustrations they need to create their teaching materials.

File Sharing Feature

function_ph09Teachers can use this platform as a file-sharing server since teachers can share and distribute various types of files including video, teaching materials, texts, and references. This feature makes classroom settings more efficient by letting teachers distribute and collect each student’s files with ease.

Video Chat

Video Chat

Schooltakt supports up to six lines for remote learning on live video calls. With each student's screen and their faces shown on the teacher's screen, it feels as if the teacher is in a real physical classroom.

Lock feature

function_ph11Teachers can control the visibility of answers and enable/disable students' editing tools.This is especially helpful when teachers want their students to listen and pause their work on their screens, or disable students from working further on their work after the due date.

Presentation feature

Students and teachers in the audience can send comments to the presenter in real time. This allows students to proactively participate in the class by asking questions and giving feedback.

Portfolio feature

Students' activities such as submitted assignments or homeworks are
displayed in a timeline. The timeline can be sorted by subject, making it effective for reviewing student progress.

All Features

Class Support Features

  • Reading and editing PDF/Image files
  • Making and Distributing questions/assignments on video
  • Creating and Distributing drills/exercises
  • Real time view of all answers
  • Clicker

  • Collaborative Learning Feature
  • Comparing Answers Feature
  • Comment and “Like”
  • Participation Map
  • Presentation Feature
  • Portfolio Feature
  • Timer
  • Video Chat
  • Web Image Search
  • Share Learning Materials
  • Learning/Teaching Templates
  • Bulletin
  • Answer Grouping Feature
  • Link Dropbox
  • Link OneDrive
  • File Sharing Feature

Academic Management Support Functions

  • Grades Management
  • Attendance Management

System Requirements

Recommended OS and browsers:

OS・Browser Microsoft® Windows® 10/8.1/8/RT Windows® Internet Explorer 11/10 only on Desktop. Microsoft Edge・Google Chrome™
Mac OS X 10.10 or higher Safari・Google Chrome™
※iPad (4th generation) or higher
Safari(iOS)・Google Chrome™
*For compatibility on specific versions of Android, please contact us directly.
Google Chrome™
Chromebook(Chrome OS) Google Chrome™